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Public Data for Public Events is

  1. An initiative to open up the calendar data already existing in various websites. The aim is to create a public pool of data that can be used for staying up to date without having to rely on any specific platforms, websites or publications. This data can (for example) be used for making calendar collections, such as
  2. A proposal how to associate calendar(s) with a domain name. The long term goal is that you should be able to think That Particular Place (a theater, venue, etc) does public events, they probably have a public calendar", then be able to find that calendar by only knowing the domain name (

Read more in the inverviews at or at The Hmm

Note! As many has pointed out, there are better (more standard) ways to accomplish this connection between a domain name and a calendar. I'll be revising how this works.

Join the discussion here Friday 12 March 15:45 at MozFest 2021.

This site is not an index of this data, as there should be no central index. Instead the calendar data should be findable by only knowing the domain name through a 'channels manifest', a JSON file. This file has to be placed directly the web root. It can be generated here.

                    "iCalendar": {
                        "title": "Perdu",
                        "keywords": "Art, Poetry, Amsterdam",
                        "url": ""

Example channels-manifests

Domain Channels Manifest

More examples (includes tags merged with tags from manifest) (includes tags merged with tags from manifest)

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